Duhok french fry factory slated to open later this year

DUHOK, July 27 — Duhok expects to inaugurate Iraq’s largest french fry-making factory by the end of this year, hoping to meet local demand and build capacity for exports.

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani laid the Jotiyar project’s cornerstone in Bardarash district in 2021. Today, the project has reached its final stages.

Karim Kamal, the project’s spokesperson, told 964: “In the first stage after opening, the project will be capable of receiving 40,000 tons of potatoes from farmers annually and producing 20,000 tons of fries. In the second stage, after a year of operation, the project expects to receive 80,000 tons and produce 40,000 tons of fries.”

“The project will operate on clean energy, utilizing wind turbines. It will meet local needs and have the capability to export potato fries to neighboring countries.”

“The project is nearing completion and is scheduled to be opened by the end of the current year or the beginning of 2024, providing around 500 jobs.”