Engineering union organizes chess tournament in Kirkuk

KIRKUK, April 10 — The Engineers’ Union in the Hajjaj neighborhood of Kirkuk organized a chess tournament with the objective of reintroducing sporting activities and events to the city, which had been absent for a period of five years.

The tournament took place at the Engineers’ Syndicate in Kirkuk after signing a memorandum of understanding with the Directorate of Youth and Sports.

A total of 45 players participated in the tournament, which followed a knockout system and had a time limit of 5 minutes per match.
In the event that a player’s time ran out, they were automatically disqualified and considered to have lost the match.

Sami Al-Baiyati, the tournament organizer told 964 Network:
Reviving this sport and saving it from extinction was deemed necessary, and the we were pleasantly surprised by the turnout from individuals of different ages and backgrounds.

We have allocated the Engineers Union Hall as the venue for the tournament and ensured that it is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities in compliance with the rules and regulations of the game.