Phones to be released across Kurdistan

Official Apple distributor in Kurdistan announces availability of iPhone 15

ERBIL, September 13 — Apple’s official distributor in the Kurdistan region announced on Wednesday that the iPhone 15 will be available accross the region’s governorates within two weeks. The announcement came just one day after Apple unveiled the new iPhone’s features.

Asse, the authorized Apple distributor in the Kurdistan region, will gradually receive the first batch of phones based on customer orders.

Bawar Jamal, manager of Asse, told 964: “Registration for purchasing the phone will begin tomorrow, Thursday, and the phone’s price is currently undisclosed.”

“We will make the phone available in all governorates of the Kurdistan region simultaneously, and any device displayed in the markets before the official distributor’s designated time will be prohibited, so we will adhere to Apple’s guidelines,” he added.

Apple revealed its latest phones, the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, at its annual conference held at Apple Park in California on Tuesday.

Leaks suggest that Apple has made several changes to the new phone, including the addition of a USB-C charging port, which will help users charge other devices faster using the cable.