A former truck driver turns to agriculture in Mosul

MOSUL, April 8 — Hassan, a young man from Nimrud district located east of Mosul, gave up his previous profession as a truck driver to pursue a more fulfilling career in agriculture. By investing in his family’s land in the village of Quraytag, he cultivates various types of vegetables, including broccoli, which is in high demand in the market at reasonable prices. To maximize his yield, he sometimes uses greenhouse methods.

Hassan Ali – A farmer from Nimrud district tells 964 Network:
I faced numerous challenges as a truck driver, such as waiting for days in long queues for freight, transportation, and checkpoints. Therefore, in 2018, I decided to switch to agriculture.

I started with a small orchard, growing cauliflower, lettuce, and broccoli, and now I also have greenhouses where I grow cucumbers, eggplant, and other crops.

I produce decent yields and sell my produce in the market.

According to Hassan, broccoli is a particularly lucrative crop, as the plant bears fruit several times a year.

Growing broccoli in greenhouses has been a significant achievement, especially since it is a winter crop.

However, Hassan laments that he does not have sufficient funds to expand his project, and obtaining loans and financing from the government is an arduous task.