Budget discussions continue

KRG delegation arrives in Baghdad for negotiations

ERBIL, September 11 — A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) arrived in Baghdad on Monday to engage in negotiations concerning the region’s border crossings, imports, budget, and commitments to the federal government.

The KRG delegation, led by Minister of Interior Rebar Ahmed and Director-General of Customs Samal Abdul Rahman, were expected to discuss customs and border fees with officials in Baghdad.

Dr. Narmeen Ma’ruf, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, told 964: “Today, the Finance Committee is meeting with the committee formed by the federal government to negotiate with the Kurdistan Regional Government and monitor budget implementation, as well as the region’s commitment to the federal government.”

Omar Al-Wa’ili, head of border crossings, said in a previous statement to 964: “We have signed an agreement with the Kurdistan region, and there was a positive understanding on outstanding issues. One of the conditions for sending the region’s share of the budget is that they hand over 50% of revenues from their border points to the federal Ministry of Finance.”