Addressing hemorrhagic fever, measles

Roving health teams launch street campaign in Tuz Khurmatu

TUZ KHURMATU – Health officials in Salah Al-Din’s Tuz Khurmatu district launched a month-long campaign on Sunday to identify and address cases of hemorrhagic fever, diabetes, and measles in the city’s neighborhoods.

Mohammed Agbar, director of Khurmatu’s health department, told 964media that the campaign aims to prevent the spread of hemorrhagic fever and measles and to treat conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, which primarily affect older adults.

“Many elderly people are unable to visit hospitals, so our teams are conducting home visits and daily neighborhood checks, providing necessary medical examinations and treatments to residents,” Agbar said.

Recently, cases of hemorrhagic fever and measles have been on the rise, and the goal of these teams is to curb the spread of these diseases and safeguard the health of residents.

Iraq’s Ministry of Health reported more than 27,000 cases of measles as of April this year.

As of April 18, the disease has claimed the lives of 43 Iraqis, primarily among individuals with chronic health conditions who had not been vaccinated.

In response to the crisis, the Ministry of Health, in partnership with the World Health Organization, initiated a vaccination campaign targeting young children in nurseries and primary schools.

Additionally, 40 cases of hemorrhagic fever have been documented this year in the governorates of Baghdad, Nineveh, Dhi Qar, and Babil, resulting in five deaths.