Damage causes local blackouts

Fuel tanker explosion in Darbandikhan leaves driver, passanger injured

DARBANDIKHAN — A fuel tanker overturned and exploded in Sulaymaniyah’s Darbandikhan district on Friday at noon.

Pishtiwan Abid, the director of Darbandikhan Traffic, told 964media that the tanker, carrying fuel, had descended from the Darbandikhan tunnel before losing control and subsequently exploding.

The tanker had one passenger in addition to the driver. Both sustained injuries and have been taken to Darbandikhan hospital for treatment.

Aram Ali, a spokesperson for Sulaymaniyah Civil Defense, informed 964media that after being notified, teams arrived at the scene.

Ali added that after controlling the fire, teams are now investigating the cause of the explosion and assessing the damage in the surrounding area.

The Darbandikhan tunnel has been closed following the fuel tanker explosion. Alternative routes have been designated for drivers.

Abid informed 964media that the closure was due to the fire caused by the tanker explosion.

The damage from the incident continued to escalate, causing a power outage in the district.

Basit Aziz, the director of Darbandikhan Electricity Distribution, told 964media, “Out of a total of 20 electricity feeders, two feeders, specifically Feeder 11 and Feeder 22, which supply power to residential areas, and Feeder 17, which provides continuous power to hospitals and water projects, were affected due to the tanker explosion.”

Aziz also noted that four electricity pylons were damaged, with wires severed and underground cables for continuous power supply burned.

Repair teams from Darbandikhan Electricity are working to restore the affected feeders and aim to complete the repairs within two to three hours.

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Crash in Darbandikhan claims two lives

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