Injured transferred to area hospitals

Separate road accidents in Sulaymaniyah kill 2, injure 20

DUKAN — Separate road accidents in Sulaymaniyah killed two and injured 20 people on Friday as people headed outdoors to enjoy the spring weather over the weekend.

The first accident involved a truck and at least 17 vehicles, which left 18 people injured near the entrance to Sulaymaniyah’s Dukan district.

According to a traffic official at the scene who spoke to 964media, the incident occurred when “a truck lost control and initially struck up to 20 vehicles.” However, the Dukan Qaymaqam (district office) reported 17 vehicles directly involved, as some sustained only minor damage and were able to leave shortly after the crash.

No fatalities were reported in the Dukan accident, but all 18 injured individuals were transported to Shahid Ghareeb Haladani Hospital for medical treatment.

Fridays during the spring and summer months are a busy day for travel to Dukan’s popular tourist areas. The high volume of traffic is believed to have contributed to significant congestion before the incident.

Dukan, known for its scenic beauty, attracts many visitors from surrounding towns and from Iraq’s central and southern regions. The district boasts over 100 licensed tourist venues and more than 3,000 cabins lining an eight-kilometer stretch along the Little Zab River.

In a separate traffic accident in Sulaymaniyah’s Darbandikhan district, a tw0-vehicle crash resulted in the deaths of two individuals and injuries to two others.

A source from Shahid Rauf Hospital in Sharazur, speaking to 964media, provided further details, stating, “A married couple, aged between 25 and 35, died in the accident. From the other vehicle, two individuals were injured, one of whom is in critical condition and has been transferred to Sulaymaniyah for advanced treatment.”

Friday’s crashes came just five days after another deadly accident in Duhok governorate when a truck collision resulted in the death of a 13-year-old pedestrian in Akre district.