Most visitors coming from outside Kurdistan

Tourism business booming in Dokan

DUKAN – Amidst the holiday season, Dukan district in Sulaymaniyah province finds itself bustling with both local visitors and tourists from abroad, all flocking to its renowned tourist spots.

To ensure fair pricing for all, authorities say they are diligently overseeing rates to remain stable as mandated by the Sulaymaniyah and Dukan tourism authorities.

Helgurd Nouri, spokesperson for the Dukan Hotel and Tourism Association, told 964media that tourism ventures are thriving in the area.

Highlighting the visitor demographics, Nouri stated, “Those frequenting tourist spots predominantly hail from the central and southern regions of Iraq, with some coming from [other parts of] the Kurdistan Region.”

Kurdistan tourism authorities anticipate welcoming up to half a million visitors during the ongoing Eid al-Fitr festivities, commemorating the conclusion of the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

Last year, the Kurdistan Region hosted over 8 million tourists, predominantly from other parts of Iraq.