Most senior students failed exams

Students protest against automated grading system at Kirkuk University

KIRKUK  — Law students at Kirkuk University gathered in protest against the automated grading system, claiming it caused the failure of approximately 800 out of 1100 fourth-year students, including high-performing individuals. They insist on either a manual re-grading or the removal of the device before the second-round exams.

The system relies on a computerized program, utilizing optical mark recognition (OMR) technology. However, students alleged that the device malfunctioned, particularly failing to read answers shaded with a ballpoint pen, leading to widespread failure in subjects such as “Commercial Bonds and Enforcement Law.”

“The electronic grading system caused a disaster. Most students failed, including the top ones. We demand manual re-grading,” expressed Adnan Ahmed, a law student.

Sajer Othman, echoing similar sentiments, stated, “The issue is with the grading device. I am one of the top students, but I only received a score of 31 out of 100 due to the automated grading.”

With second-round exams looming, students are apprehensive as the college administration intends to persist with the same device. They are urging the Ministry of Higher Education, the University of Kirkuk administration, and the college dean to transition to manual grading methods.