Halloween decorations cause fright

Police confirm false alarms over ‘suspicious objects’ in Kirkuk, Erbil

NEWSROOM — Recent incidents involving suspicious objects in Kirkuk and Erbil, initially feared to be bombs, have turned out to be false alarms, easing concerns among local residents and on social media. Security forces confirmed that these objects posed no threat.

In Kirkuk, panic ensued when a suspicious object resembling a bomb was spotted on a pedestrian bridge. The police, after securing the area and conducting a detailed investigation, discovered that the object was merely an “empty box” found along the Baghdad route. The Kirkuk Police Commander assured the public that the item posed no danger.

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Further investigations revealed that the individual who placed the box had no terrorist intent. Police highlighted the individual’s autism diagnosis by way of explanation/

In Erbil’s Kalak sub-district, a video that went viral on social media showed an unknown object tied to an old bridge, raising alarms about a potential explosive device. However, Antar Farhad, the head of the Kalak sub-district, clarified that the object was actually a water gauge installed by the Khabat Water Department. “These claims are false. The device is used to measure the water level of the Greater Zab River and is completely harmless,” Farhad explained.

Additionally, another incident in an Erbil village involved a farmer who stumbled upon an unknown object while harvesting his field. The object, which turned out to be a children’s toy designed for Halloween celebrations, was initially mistaken for something more sinister. Erbil’s security forces responded promptly, securing the area and confirming that the toy posed no explosive threat. The object, with three miniature skulls attached to a plate by thin wires, was equipped with decorative lights, leading to its misidentification.

These series of false alarms have prompted security forces to urge the public to remain vigilant but also to avoid panic over unverified threats. They emphasized the importance of community cooperation with law enforcement to ensure safety while avoiding unnecessary fears.

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