PM meets parliamentarians in Kirkuk

Sudani promises accountability for perpetrators of Kirkuk incident

BAGHDAD, September 4 — Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani affirmed on Sunday that perpetrators responsible for attacks and attempts to incite discord in Kirkuk would face legal consequences.

Al-Sudani made the statement during a meeting with parliamentarians, including Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Shakhwan Abdullah.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s press office said:

Prime Minister Al-Sudani welcomed several members of the Parliament representing various factions of Kirkuk governorate during a meeting where they discussed recent developments.

They also reviewed the local situation in Kirkuk and the essential requirements for maintaining security, stability, and social order in a governorate known for its rich diversity of Iraqi communities.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani emphasized that those responsible for the attacks and actions that aimed to stir discord would face fair legal consequences in accordance with the law.

He also highlighted that security forces in Kirkuk, in all their forms and titles, are committed to protecting the governorate’s residents and their rights to live in dignity, express their opinions, and enjoy a secure environment characterized by tolerance and acceptance of others, which are qualities the people of Kirkuk are known for.