100 companies participating

Basra international oil and gas exhibition opens

MAQAL — The Basra International Oil and Gas Exhibition was inaugurated on Tuesday in the Maqal area of the province, with representatives from 100 companies across 13 countries in attendance. The exhibition is part of ongoing efforts to enhance international cooperation and exchange expertise in the oil and gas industry.

Osama Majeed, the media officer for the exhibition, told 964media that prominent participants came from China, United States and Iran.
“The companies are present in Basra today to showcase the latest advanced technologies in the oil and gas industry. Basra is a significant and promising city in the petroleum field, and all companies are striving to increase their market share through such exhibitions,” added Majeed.

Stephen Ben, a representative from China’s Intel Oil, spoke to 964media stating, “As a Chinese company, we have experience in oil fields and have established partnerships with Basra Oil Company and the Iraqi government. We are confident in the development of Iraqi oil fields and hope that Iraq’s oil industry will continue to evolve steadily.”

The Iraqi government recently announced its plan to launch the sixth round of oil and gas licenses by the end of the month, aiming to grant energy companies the opportunity to develop the country’s oil and gas fields.