Emphasizing Iraq's sovereignty

Iraqi leaders support Prime Minister Al-Sudani’s U.S. Visit

BAGHDAD – Prominent Iraqi leaders Qais Al-Khazali of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq and Ammar Al-Hakim of the National Wisdom Movement have voiced support for Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani’s recent visit to Washington.

Al-Khazali stressed the visit’s importance, expressing hope for its success. He emphasized that both the Al-Sudani and the Coordination Framework, the core group within Iraq’s governing coalition and primarily composed of Shia groups with ties to Iran, oppose the continued presence of foreign military forces in Iraq.

Al-Khazali also addressed factors contributing to the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS), underlining Iraq’s capacity to safeguard its sovereignty without external interference.

Meanwhile during his Eid al-Fitr remarks, Al-Hakim echoed Al-Khazali’s sentiments, without directly calling for the removal of foreign troops from Iraq. Al-Hakim urged Iraqi factions to support Prime Minister Al-Sudani to ensure smooth negotiations with the United States. He highlighted Iraq’s commitment to forging strong partnerships with global and regional countries based on mutual respect and shared interests, emphasizing the need to uphold Iraq’s sovereignty and independence.

Sudani’s visit is seen as crucial in addressing various contentious issues in bilateral relations. These include the presence of foreign troops on Iraqi soil, economic matters, Washington’s sanctions on Iraqi banks, and strained relations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government regarding oil exports and financial autonomy.

Additionally, Sudani’s visit comes amid an atmosphere of increased tensions within the Coordination Framework about Al-Sudani’s growing role and stature in Iraqi politics and fears that he might run in the next parliamentary elections on an independent ticket.