Splitting from Sunni groups

Five Iraqi MPs form new Al-Sadara coalition

BAGHDAD – Five members of parliament split from the Sunni Al-Azm and Al-Siyada alliances to establish a new coalition named Al-Sadara [Forefront] within the Iraqi Parliament.

The coalition comprises Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani, Talal Al-Zobaie, Khalid Al-Obaidi, Mohammed Nouri Abdrabbo, and Fares Al-Fares, as stated in a statement obtained by 964media.

The Al-Sadara coalition states its goal as addressing the demands of the Iraqi populace and fulfilling the need for genuine representation and collaboration in political decision-making. It emphasizes principles such as transparency, honesty, mutual trust, dialogue, and collective decision-making.

The coalition expresses its intention to engage in dialogue with all political parties and parliamentary groups to implement the political agreement upon which the current government was formed in October 2022.

Key priorities for Al-Sadara include ensuring national balance, addressing the needs of people in areas liberated from ISIS, expediting the return and compensation of displaced individuals, and advocating for the enactment of a general amnesty law.

Sunni blocs have been divided regarding the selection of a new speaker for the Iraqi Parliament following the removal of Mohammed al-Halbousi, the head of the Taqadoum Party, from the speakership by the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court in November last year. Taqadoum is the largest Sunni bloc in the Iraqi Parliament.

They have also voiced frustration over hindrances to Sunni constituency priorities, such as a general amnesty law allowing the release of unjustly imprisoned Sunnis or the return of displaced Sunnis to their homes.

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