TEDx Basra

Conference sparks ideas on health, peaceful coexistence, and more

BASRA – The TEDx Basra conference, “A Future Without Limits,” commenced on Saturday at the Grand Millennium Hotel, showcasing 10 speakers from across Iraq. These speakers, both women and men from various cities, shared innovative ideas spanning health, peaceful coexistence, education, technology, energy, philosophy, literature, entrepreneurship, business development, public relations, cinema, and the arts.

Sponsored by the American non-profit Sapling, under the ethos “Ideas Worth Spreading,” TEDx aims to foster a global dialogue of groundbreaking ideas.

Organizer Hassan Ahmad stated to 964media, “Basra’s rich heritage propels us towards envisioning a limitless future, the inspiration behind our TEDx theme.”

Ahmad expressed enthusiasm for contributing to Basra’s growth and vision through the conference, emphasizing the importance of discussions on energy, technology, and coexistence.

The event, concluding at 5:00 pm, featured speakers like Hawra Milani, Saad Saloom, and others, enriched by entertainment from director Hussein Al-Asadi, the Akitu band, and a Grand Millennium contest.

Attendee Ali Salman highlighted the conference’s value, noting, “TEDx stands as a pivotal conference in Basra, steering youth towards self-improvement and city development.”

Salman praised the event for providing inspiration and hope through successful stories, underscoring its impact on the youth’s motivation and inspiration.

TEDx events, including TEDx Basra, are independently organized and are not directly curated by TED itself, which license the branding.