Owner overwhelmed by kind act

Man returns 70 million dinars found on a Kirkuk football field

HIT, August 26 — A young man from Hit handed over a sum of 70 million Iraqi dinars to its rightful owner after discovering a wallet at a football field in Kirkuk governorate.

The young man, Mohammed Sami, shared he was on a trip to Duhok with a relative who was receiving medical treatment. He later returned to Kirkuk to meet his sister.

“I was wandering around a Kirkuk football field, when I found a wallet with a promissory note worth 70 million dinars, $500, and 550,000 dinars,” he said.

Sami found the owner’s phone number inside the walled and called him. “He couldn’t believe that I was going to return tit. I could sense from his voice that he was overwhelmed.”

The wallet’s owner, a man from Fallujah, said the promissory note was the money he would receive for a house he sold some days earlier. He had traveled to Kirkuk to attend the funeral of a relative.

“I returned the the wallet and asked him to count the money. He cried and hugged me out of sheer joy and gratitude,” Sami shared.

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