Contest covers Sharazur and Zarayan

Sulaymaniyah contest searches for the best home garden

SULAYMANIYAH, August 23 — The Sulaymaniyah Municipality has announced a competition to select the most beautiful home garden in Shahrazur district and Zarayan sub-district, southeast of the city.

A statement from the Municipality’s Department of the Environment said:

We urge residents of both areas to send photos of their gardens to the number 07501778929 via Viber, Telegram, or WhatsApp. The supervising committee will assess the level and quantity of green space in their homes and then visit them.

This competition aims to incentivize increasing greenery around homes. A special prize will be awarded to the individual who plants the largest quantity of plants in their garden, on walls, and rooftops.

Registration for the competition began Monday, August 21 and will continue until the end of the month.