Pollution under spotlight

Al-Karkh municipality enforces strict littering measures

BAGHDAD – The Al-Karkh Municipality on Monday announced it will implement strict legal actions to curb violations and ensure the cleanliness of the capital, according to a statement reported by 964media. This initiative, backed by the approval of the Baghdad Mayor, targets various infractions under Articles 67 and 296 to preserve the city’s appearance and cleanliness.

The municipality outlined several offenses and corresponding fines. Trucks caught dumping construction debris, rubble, and waste in unauthorized locations will face a fine of two million dinars ($1325). This action is complemented by a request to the Traffic Department for vehicle impoundment.

Additionally, individuals who throw garbage or water bottles from car windows will be fined one million dinars under Resolution 296, with the Traffic Department also asked to impound the offending vehicle.

Stallholders and street vendors discarding waste and water bottles on main roads and intersections will incur a penalty of 500,000 dinars under Resolution 296. The fines extend to those encroaching on sidewalks, main streets, and inner alleys with a two million dinar fine under Resolution 296, and shop owners or residential houses that display unsightly advertisements causing light pollution are subject to a one million dinar fine under the same resolution.

Furthermore, a three million dinar fine will be levied for unauthorized water or sewage connections without obtaining the necessary approvals from the Al-Karkh Municipality Center.