Municipality vs. landowner

Dispute over shared sidewalk causes week-long halt of government project in Najaf

NAJAF, August 22 — A dispute over roadwork near a shared sidewalk between a service street and a privately owned plot of land in Najaf has stalled a government project for a week, causing frustration among locals due to resulting traffic congestion.

A dispute between the municipality and the landowner over the sidewalk adjacent to Al-Zuhur Street in Al-Sawaq neighborhood of central Najaf resulted in works coming to a standstill due to disagreements over the boundaries of the sidewalk.

Yaser Al-Janabi, an employee at the Najaf Municipality, told 964: “The work has temporarily halted until the issue of the sidewalk boundaries for the new street, which conflict with the plot granted for an investment project, is resolved.”

“Efforts are being made to communicate with the landowner, and it is hoped that a swift resolution will be reached to resume the rehabilitation work and complete the project in the near future.”

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