'No imediment' to salary payments

Iraqi finance ministry refutes cash liquidity claims

BAGHDAD — In a swift response to recent media reports alleging cash liquidity problems affecting the payment of state employees’ salaries, the Ministry of Finance today categorically refuted such claims, asserting its capability and readiness to fulfill its salary obligations without any impediment.

Through a communique, the ministry elucidated its fiscal strategy, which aligns with the government’s broader public expenditure framework. The ministry assured that through the execution of these plans, including the application of the unified treasury system and the ratification of budget estimates for the years 2024 and 2025 by the Cabinet, it guarantees the uninterrupted disbursement of salaries to state employees, social security beneficiaries, and pensioners.

Kurdistan Region public sector employees have faced chronic delays in salary payments since the federal budget passed last year.

This is facilitated by leveraging the revolving cash reserves carried over from the preceding year, in conjunction with revenues generated from both oil and non-oil sectors.

The ministry underscored the absence of any official statements pertaining to the purported financial distress, crediting the government’s reform measures with enhancing private sector engagement and job creation. As is customary, it pushed for Iraqis to consult official communication channels, including the ministry’s website and social media platforms, for ‘reliable’ information.