Power restored to parts of wester Anbar

Electricity returns to Al-Nahiya in Anbar for the first time in a decade

ANBAR — The Al-Nahiya mobile electricity station in western Anbar was back online Wednesday, providing much-needed power to the region and its agricultural projects after a 10-year hiatus due to damage suffered when ISIS militants overran the area.

The General Company for Transmission of Electric Power connected the 25 MVA (33/132 kv) station to the Anah-Al-Qaim line, according to a statement from Anbar MP Adel Al-Mahlawi.

The statement concluded with an expression of gratitude to the Ministry of Electricity and its personnel for completing the project, which will service western parts of Anbar governorate.

Municipalities across Iraq have voiced concerns over long-standing inadequate access to basic services, as a result of mismanagement, insufficient funding, or the destruction of infrastructure as a result of conflict.

Five villages in Babil governorate were notably connected to a central water station in November 2023 after nearly a decade offline due to purported financial isses facing the government and the war against ISIS.

Access to public works remains a concern for residents across the country as the government struggles to manage water scarcity, increasing energy needs, and the effects of climate change.