Al-Rutba connects to Jordanian power

Anbar district to receive electricity from Jordan

ANBAR, August 21 — Al-Qaim’s District Commissioner Imad Mish’al Al-Dulaimi announced on Monday that area residents will receive electricity supply from Jordan by the end of August, with the completion of interconnectivity work between the two countries.

As reported by the official Iraqi News Agency, Al-Dulaimi stated: “Iraq is technically prepared to receive electricity from Jordan after the installation of all 132 substations, the 33 kV station, and the full wiring of the line to the secondary Rutba station. Additionally, the line is technically ready and awaiting the implementation of agreements with the Jordanian side. The provision of electricity from Jordan to Al-Rutba is expected to begin by the end of the current month, which will put an end to the years-long struggle with consistent power outages in the district.”