Cheaper and diverse

Early back-to-school shopping in Nasiriyah markets

DHI QAR, August 20 — Parents in Nasiriyah are starting their back-to-school shopping early this year, flocking to markets and bookstores to prepare for the upcoming school season. Some residents are keen on purchasing school supplies ahead of the peak shopping season to avoid the crowds.

Usually, the school season begins in mid-September each year, or shortly thereafter, depending on the official start date set by the Ministry of Education.

Vendors in the Habubi Street, Al-Qamashin Market, and Al-Abayjiah Market display a variety of school bags, many of which are of Chinese origin, featuring vibrant colors and attractive designs to entice customers.

Adham Raad – School Bag Seller for Network 964:
“Prices range from 10,000 to 35,000 Iraqi dinars, depending on the bag’s features and size. Some bags have small wheels for easy rolling, while others are worn on the shoulder, often adorned with patterns and designs.”

“Parents prefer buying during this period to avoid the back-to-school rush and the subsequent price increases due to high demand.”

Um Ahmad – Shopper for Network 964:
“I’m preparing my children’s supplies now because the prices are reasonable, and there’s a wide variety of bags available in all colors and types.”