Karbala bar association head warns against government employees obstruction

KARBALA — Karbala Bar Association Head Anwar Al-Faroun stated on Saturday that recent times have seen the emergence of some government employees who are ignorant of the law and intentionally obstruct the work of lawyers. Al-Faroun emphasized that in the coming days, lawyers in Karbala will dismiss anyone who violates the law intentionally.

In a statement, Al-Faroun said,

“Since assuming the position of head of the Karbala Bar Association, we have extended our hands to all government and private institutions and have focused on building bridges of fraternity and trust because we work for the citizens and their service. Therefore, we provide services for our beloved city, and many decision-makers have cooperated and provided the necessary facilitations to the honorable lawyers in accordance with the law, which stipulates the rights of lawyers and imposes on employees of all positions and titles to provide all facilities to us, as our profession is the profession of valor and rescue.

However, in recent times, some government employees have appeared who are ignorant of legal texts and intentionally obstruct the work of lawyers, even going so far as to underestimate their rights and personalities. This has alarmed and prompted us to focus on individuals like these and take legal action against them because the law criminalizes any employee who obstructs the work of lawyers. If the head of the department pushes in such a direction for reasons that we may know later!! Then we declare it with all courage: There is no place for lawbreakers in Karbala. The voice of Karbala lawyers will reach them and others, and in the coming days, this voice will unite to dismiss anyone who violates the law intentionally because they are not qualified to serve the people of Karbala, and their presence is a great curse on us.

Therefore, let us unite for the community, as it deserves much from us, and let the law be a language that speaks. Give me what the law has drawn for me in terms of rights and privileges.

You are not above the law, and today we have started with a statement to preserve the security and safety of our governorate and to prevent the exploitation of those who dare to tamper. However, in case of non-compliance, our escalation will be gradual, leading to protests, and thanks to everyone who intervened to contain the situation.