Rejecting compromise nominee

Supporters of Diyala governor rally in his support

DIYALA — Dozens of supporters of Diyala Governor Muthanna al-Tamimi staged protest rallies Friday in Muqdadiyah and Baladrooz, demanding al-Tamimi’s renewal in office and rejecting the compromise candidate proposed by Hadi al-Amiri, Secretary-General of the Badr Organization.

Eyewitnesses told 964media: “Protesters blocked the road between Baqubah and Khanaqin near the Haruniya area in Muqdadiyah, and set up protest tents in Baladrooz and Muqdadiyah, closing streets with burning tires.”

The protesters’ demands revolve around rejecting the appointment of Hadi al-Amiri’s nominee, Mohammed al-Amiri (son of the Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court), for the position of Diyala governor, insisting on the renewal of former governor Muthanna al-Tamimi.

The demonstrations took place amid tight security measures, and no violations were reported in the area.

Earlier today Hadi Al-Amiri the leader of the Badr Organization wrote a letter to the members of the council suggesting a compromise candidate but the request was rejected by protestors.

Appointing a new governor in Diyala has been marked by political controversy. The Diyala Provincial Council faced significant hurdles last week as it attempted for the second time to convene a session for the election of the council’s president, deputy, and governor. Security forces had to block the roads leading to the council building past midnight in preparation for this session, reflecting the tense atmosphere surrounding these appointments​​.

During the session, attendance was notably low, with only 6 out of 15 members present, underscoring the contentious nature of the proceedings. The session aimed to select new leadership for the council and the governorship, with candidates such as Muthanna al-Tamimi for governor and Nizar al-Lahibi for council presidency highlighting the political divisions within the council​​.