'Hindered by US influence'

Kataib Hezbollah understands absence of parliamentarians from session on coalition withdrawal

BAGHDAD — Kataib Hezbollah have expressed their appreciation for the Iraqi parliamentarians’ efforts to discuss the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. In a statement, they thanked all deputies, especially those who attended the session aimed at addressing the presence of occupying American forces. They also showed understanding for those who could not attend “due to American, Israeli, and certain Gulf states’ influence”, emphasizing the need for a liberated political decision-making process in Iraq.

Statement by Kataib Hezbollah official Spokesperson, Mohammed Mohyi:

“In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

Our esteemed Iraqi people have been briefed on the proceedings of the parliamentary session dedicated to discussing the topic of expelling the occupying American forces from Iraq. We extend our gratitude to the deputies in general, and we specifically appreciate the deputies who called for this session and those who attended it.

We also value the position of those whose will was not sufficient to attend due to the malignant American intervention and its influence on them, as well as some Israeli influence and the Arabs of the Gulf, which constitutes an additional factor and a motive that encourages us to work diligently to liberate the political decision, not only the sky and land of Iraq from the American occupation. We aim to regain the full Iraqi sovereignty that is dominated and confiscated by the axis of evil.

Official Spokesperson for the Hezbollah Brigades
Mohammed Mohyi”