Ali Ammar Yasser

Iraqi weightlifter to receive special training program for Paris Olympics

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi Olympic Committee has announced its plan to develop a specialized training program for weightlifter Ali Ammar Yasser, aiming for success at the upcoming Paris Summer Olympics. This initiative follows Yasser’s notable achievement of securing two bronze medals at the Asian Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, a performance that also clinched his qualification for the Paris Olympics.

The committee’s commitment reflects a broader support strategy for Yasser and other athletes, emphasizing the provision of high-quality training and comprehensive support to enhance their chances of success on the international stage. The Iraqi Weightlifting Federation, recognizing the significance of Yasser’s accomplishments, underscores the collective effort to ensure that athletes like Yasser receive the necessary backing to excel.

Yasser’s performance in Tashkent — earning bronze in both the clean and jerk (with a lift of 234 kg) and the total category (with a combined lift of 425 kg), alongside finishing fourth in the snatch event (lifting 191 kg) — showcases his potential and the federation’s dedication to nurturing talent for global competitions.

Baghdad's gyms pump up the competition

Baghdad's gyms pump up the competition