'excuse us,' says 'the resistance'

Islamic Resistance in Iraq calls for joining their ranks to ‘end occupation’

BAGHDAD — A new statement is being circulated in the pro-Iran media in Iraq signed by “The Islamic Resistance in Iraq”. They call those who trust them to “excuse us” because they know the “enemy better”. They also called in the statement for other Mujahideen to join their ranks in order to end “the occupation”.

Full Statement:

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

(But when the Hour arrives suddenly, they will say, ‘Alas for us that we neglected it.’)

The opportunity that the Islamic Resistance granted today for the occupation forces to exit the land of the sanctities as a lifeline was not obtained yesterday despite their mediations and supplications before their defeat in 2011. At that time, the mujahideen of the resistance were driving the soldiers of the occupation towards the fire’s blaze and turning their bases into ruins and rubble.

The opportunity of the past days has certainly revealed to the Iraqi people, friends, and responsible parties that the occupying enemy does not leave its treachery and betrayal and does not understand any language other than the language of arms. This was clearly demonstrated in its recent targeting of the mujahideen of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Al-Qaim, Akashat, and other locations, and its crimes were further exacerbated by the assassination of the great leader Abu Baqir Al-Saadi in Baghdad, thereby violating all rules of engagement. This only increases the Islamic Resistance and its announced factions’ adherence to its responsibilities towards its people, country, and nation under any circumstance.

At a time when we look to those we trust to excuse us, as we are more knowledgeable than others about the treachery of our enemy, the fields of its confrontation, and the mechanism of its subjugation, through painful strikes and extensive attacks, to force it into submission and defeat for the benefit of our people’s interests and our nation’s causes, we call on our brothers in jihad to join the ranks of the resistance, to make up their minds for active participation in expelling the occupation in this historic stage for Iraq and the region.