State Administration Alliance in Wasit challenges local government formation session

WASIT — The State Administration Coalition in Wasit has announced its challenge to the recent session that formed the local government and renewed confidence in Mohammed Jamil Al-Mayahi as the governor. The coalition criticized the session for being conducted in what it described as “dark corridors,” indicating a lack of transparency and procedural integrity.


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

{And cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression.} Verily, Allah is ever-forgiving, Most Merciful.

Resorting to law is the highest form of respect for the constitution and the building of the state. As members of the Administration of the State Alliance in the Wasit Provincial Council, we find that our council session, in which the appointments of local government positions were made, has been marred by numerous constitutional and legal violations. It resembled clandestine police work, held in an undisclosed location with dark corridors, not disclosed to members or announced in the media. Additionally, there have been allegations of bribery by those accusing us of wrongdoing. We have resorted to the judiciary and legal avenues, and we respect whatever decisions are issued. For the law reigns supreme and is not to be surpassed.

The attempt to use the streets, incite them, and threaten and intimidate by the highest executive authority in Wasit in response to a legal and constitutional action taken by members of the Provincial Council to challenge the session, is a dangerous precedent. It is an attempt to harm social peace in our beloved governorate. For a state is not built by blocking roads, burning tires, and closing offices, but by following legal and constitutional means.

As part of the Coordination Framework with all its components and factions, which brought down the Saddam regime, then proceeded to build the state, followed by confronting the terrorist Al-Qaeda organization, and then eliminating ISIS, we warn against anyone trying to undermine these achievements by mobilizing the streets with money and contracts in order to cling to power. We hold them fully responsible for shedding blood and tampering with state property. We call on the respected Prime Minister and the President of the Supreme Judicial Council to hold accountable and deter these dangerous childish reactions.

We renew our call for calm, peace, and love among the dear people of Wasit, and to abide by the law. We will not allow the atmosphere to be spoiled, and we extend our hands to our brothers from the Wasit Beautiful List to be partners in building Wasit. Now is the time to build a state of solid institutions and move away from the cult of personality. We reiterate our thanks to the sons and daughters of Wasit, and success comes from God.

Wasit provincial council elects new president, re-elects governor

Wasit provincial council elects new president, re-elects governor