Ministry issues statement

Interior ministry denies social media claims of incompetent officers assigned key positions

BAGHDAD — The Ministry of Interior on Wednesday refuted claims circulating on social media platforms alleging the assignment of key positions to unqualified officers.

In a statement, the ministry said roles are allocated based on evaluation by committees that consider candidates’ reputations and track records.

The ministry’s full statement said:

The Ministry of Interior has been keen on periodically changing security and military positions, which it deems crucial. There are strict directives in this regard as part of the reform and change process within the security system, aiming to inject new blood.

The Ministry of Interior denies the rumors circulating on some social media platforms regarding the appointment of positions to incompetent officers who are supposedly subject to investigative councils.

It emphasizes that appointments to positions are made according to approved criteria based on inspection committee reports, reputation, and the history of the officer in question, in addition to the opinions of superiors and direct commanders.

We affirm that the purpose of such posts on social media platforms is to manipulate or exert pressure, aiming to add ranks that have been excluded from assuming positions due to indicators in their professional conduct.

We also call for accuracy in transmitting information and obtaining news exclusively from official sources, relying on trusted websites of the Ministry of Interior.