Regulating movement of goods and people

Iraq’s border ports authority signs agreement with Iran

BAGHDAD — In a significant move to regulate the flow of travelers and goods across their shared border, Iraq’s Border Ports Authority and the Iranian Ministry of Interior’s Police and Security Agency finalized a joint agreement on Wednesday. This agreement, comprising 11 detailed articles, aims to bolster border security and streamline legal trade and travel between Iraq and Iran.

The accord was reached following discussions that began in Baghdad on Dec. 21, 2023, focusing on mechanisms for trade exchange and the entry of travelers.

Major General Dr. Omar Adnan Al-Wa’ili, President of the Border Ports Authority, and Mr. Ahmad Wahidi, Minister of Interior of the Islamic Republic of Iran, along with Mr. Majid Mir Ahmadi, Deputy Minister of Interior for Security Affairs, signed the joint record.

Key highlights of the agreement include adopting the successful passenger data transfer experience used during the last Arbaeen visit at the Shalamja and Zarbatiya border crossings for all land border crossings between the two countries. This aims to expedite procedures and ensure verification efficiency.

Additionally, the two nations agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding for the electronic transfer of cargo data to speed up procedures and prevent document forgery or tampering.

They also concurred on axle weight limits to protect roads, plans to close unofficial border crossings to curb smuggling, and the establishment of direct communication channels between the border ports for swift problem resolution.

Furthermore, the agreement addresses the prevention of unauthorized border crossings, the intensification of inspections to halt weapon and drug smuggling, and the prohibition of unauthorized levies, ensuring fair treatment of drivers and workers involved in trade exchanges.

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