Recipients vary from cancer patients to newlyweds

Ministry of Education approves humanitarian assistance from its support fund

BAGHDAD, August 16 — Iraq’s Ministry of Education approved a measure on Tuesday to grant humanitarian assistance to 872 individuals from the Educational Support Fund for the month of August.

A statement from the Ministry, said:

Ministry of Education: Approval to provide assistance to 872 deserving individuals through the Educational Support Fund to address humanitarian needs.

Members of the Educational Support Fund, under the leadership of the Deputy Minister for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Falah Al-Qaisi, agreed to provide financial assistance to 872 diverse humanitarian cases from the Educational Support Fund for the current month of August. This decision was made during the Ministry’s regular meeting held [Tuesday].

The cases presented include 149 cancer patients, 656 cases of patients requiring surgery, and seven cases of patients with exceptional health conditions, among others.

The ministry said it would continue to provide financial assistance to meet the needs of its staff, including medical treatment and more.