Second-hand iPhones also perform well

Mid-range models bestsellers in Mosul’s cell phone bazaars

MOSUL – In Mosul, the demand for mid-range smartphones is on the rise, with Chinese brands taking center stage at the bustling Umm al-Rabieen market. This market, alongside the Cultural Group area on the left bank, has become the go-to destination for mobile phone shoppers, mirroring the vibrant phone markets of Erbil and 14th Ramadan Street in Baghdad.

Shop owners in the area report a clear preference among Mosul residents for devices that offer a balance between affordability and performance. “Mosulites prefer mid-range devices priced between 200,000 to 400,000 dinars,” says Azam Mohammed, a local shop owner. Brands like Realme and Honor are especially popular, offering great value for their specifications, he notes.

Despite the competition, Samsung’s mid-range models, such as the Galaxy A54 priced at 460,000 dinars, also find their way into consumers’ hands, albeit at a higher price point compared to their Chinese counterparts. However, it’s brands like Honor, Realme, and Tecno that are currently dominating the market. Ali Abdullah, owner of the iVil Center, highlights the Tecno 20 Pro’s high demand, available at a discounted price of 300,000 dinars, as an example of the market’s dynamics.

Ibrahim Ahmad, a Mosul agent for Honor, points out that the price range of $100 to $300 is particularly appealing to customers. “Our economy range starts from 130,000 dinars, with the Honor X6 being a top seller,” he adds, emphasizing the brand’s success in catering to the local demand for affordable yet feature-rich smartphones.

The market for used iPhones, albeit smaller, also thrives in Mosul. Taha Ibrahim, a specialist in used iPhones, explains his business model: “I directly import used iPhones from the USA, which sell better than new ones here.” Among the most sought-after models are the 13 Pro Max and iPhone 11, with the price of the new iPhone 15 dropping significantly since its initial release in Mosul.