Strikes 'exacerbate tensions'

Presidency condemns U.S. attacks, calls for emergency meeting

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi Presidency on Saturday condemned U.S. strikes in the western city of Al-Qaim, Anbar province, stating the actions threaten the success of ongoing talks between the two nations. The Presidency is calling for an urgent meeting among Iraq’s top officials to address the situation.

The statement issued read:

The U.S. attacks on Al-Qaim and other areas along Iraq’s western border, resulting in numerous Iraqi casualties, starkly violate our nation’s sovereignty. Despite Iraq’s repeated objections, these incidents exacerbate tensions and risk regional security and stability.

The Iraqi government aims to coordinate the international coalition’s efforts through discussions. Unfortunately, the recent strikes could derail these crucial negotiations, as violence only leads to more violence.

The Presidency urges all involved to recognize the perils these actions have posed for months. Continued aggression could undermine Iraq’s security and expose its people to harm.

Given these serious events, we’re calling for an emergency session with the Presidency and all political factions to forge a united stance on preserving Iraq’s dignity, sovereignty, and safety.

The statement concludes by honoring the memory of those lost, wishing a swift recovery for the injured, and praying for the valor of all affected.