Over salary cuts

Sanitation workers’ strike enters fifth day in Al-Faw City

BASRAH, August 13 – The strike of sanitation workers in Al-Faw City has entered its fifth day as they protest against salary reductions following their permanent employment. The municipality department claims that the salary issue is beyond their authority, urging the workers to resume work as the Arbaeen pilgrimage approaches.

The municipal workers announced their strike last Wednesday in protest of their salaries being reduced after their permanent employment.

Previously, their salaries were 400,000 Iraqi Dinars, but now they have been reduced to only 240,000 Dinars.

Striking workers for Network 964:
“During the contract period, we used to receive 400,000 Dinars, and after becoming permanent employees, we now receive around 240,000 Dinars, as a minimum for those without academic degrees.”

“The salary doesn’t match the difficulty of the work; we collect waste under the scorching sun. Our strike will continue until our demands for higher wages are met.”

Ahmed Saadoun, Director of Al-Faw District Municipality for Network 964:
“We don’t have the authority to increase salaries, as the workers’ wages are determined by the ministry.”

“We urge the sanitation workers to return to their work, especially during this time, with the approaching Arbaeen pilgrimage and increased visitor movement.”

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