In a meeting with businesswomen

Iraqi PM on women political participation and equal opportunity

BAGHDAD, January 27– Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani discussed with a group of Iraqi businesswomen, political participation, surpassing the women’s quota system and women unemployment. Following the meeting on Saturday, his office issued the following statement:

Today, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani held a meeting with a group of Iraqi businesswomen. At the outset of the meeting, he underscored the government’s commitment to supporting the business sector for women, acknowledging the pivotal role women have played in Iraq’s modern history. Despite enduring challenging circumstances, women have been instrumental in unifying families and shouldering societal burdens. Al-Sudani highlighted the significant political participation of women, surpassing women quotas and contributing across various fields.

Al-Sudani emphasized the government’s focus on economic reforms and effective measures in finance and banking to support the business sector for women, creating job opportunities in the private sector. While acknowledging the challenges, such as bureaucracy and corruption, he expressed confidence in the approach designed to transform this reality, citing unprecedented decisions to bolster the private sector. Unemployment among women, a pressing issue, is addressed through efforts to enhance the business condition.

Securing job opportunities for women hinges on developing the community of businesswomen and providing necessary facilities. Al-Sudani announced that the Supreme Council for Women, in conjunction with the Private Sector Development Council, will prioritize women’s participation. He stressed the importance of a thriving private sector, combating corruption, and streamlining state departments to facilitate self-employment and create opportunities for women and men. This, he noted, aligns with sustainable development based on robust foundations of financial, economic, and banking reform.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister attentively listened to businesswomen’s interventions, encompassing challenges they face in their work, along with proposals and diverse activities within the business realm.