Police aware of scam

Residents in Kalar and Khanaqin warned of fake social welfare registrations

KALAR, January 24 — A group of individuals has targeted residents around Kalar in recent months, falsely claiming to register them for social welfare benefits on behalf of the Iraqi government.

Firas Majid, the director of the social welfare office in Khanaqin district, said, “Dozens of people have presented counterfeit documents, purportedly filled out by our employees, during visits to our office.”

Sherzad Ahmad, a 53-year-old resident of Banzamina village, shared his story with 964media, disclosing that he was charged 5,000 dinars under the pretext of providing him a monthly salary. However, upon verifying the document at the social welfare office, it was discovered to be fraudulent.

Data obtained by 964media indicates the Iraqi government has provided monthly salaries to thousands of individuals electronically, and the phony team took advantage of official procedures to seduce locals.

Police have been informed regarding the incident, but did not disclose any information due to security measures.

In Khanaqin, approximately 5,450 families benefit from government assistance, ranging between 125,000 and 400,000 dinars per month.