Al-Qishla night festivals kick off in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, March 25 — The second season of the Al-Qishla Ramadan Festival kicked off at Al-Qishla Square on Al-Mutanabi Street in central Baghdad, amidst a large audience from both inside and outside the capital city.

The festival started on Friday evening and will continue until the end of the month, with the activities taking place from 10 pm to 1 am. The first day of the festival attracted a large audience who enjoyed the artistic, musical, and lyrical events.

Al-Qishla Nights Festival is the largest in Iraq during the month of Ramadan, and it is supported by the Community Initiatives Fund (Tamkeen), established by the Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks.

The Prime Minister’s Office, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Culture, and the Municipality of Baghdad are the main partners of the festival.

The festival features cultural seminars, heritage bazaars, recreational games, and exhibitions from various business sectors to inform the public about their services.

Ahmed Ghazi, one of the festival organizers, told 964media:
The festival aims to preserve the history and customs of the capital, Baghdad, in the minds of the younger generation. Baghdad is the capital of world culture and peace, known for its science, scholars, writers, and poets, and the festival will continue throughout Ramadan.

Haider Muhammad, one of the festival attendees, told 964media that he appreciated the initiative from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Baghdadi Artists Group to shed light on the history of the capital. He also expressed the hope that the government and the Baghdad governorate would increase these events for the public’s interest and entertainment of the Iraqi family.