Critical infrastructure works underway

Military bears load of temporary bridge in Numaniyah

WASIT, 21 January — The Ministry of Defense’s military engineering units have transported a new bridge to the Numaniyah district, providing a vital alternative to the existing concrete bridge currently undergoing its second phase of maintenance.

The installation of this temporary bridge is in full swing, aiming to restore vehicular movement to and from the district center within a 15-day timeframe.

The Numaniyah Bridge, a key transit point, has encountered a temporary iron crossing and navigational opening repair, leading to a slight delay.

Mohammad Idan, mayor of Numaniyah, told 964media that the iron bridge, serving as a replacement for the Al-Numaniyah Concrete Bridge, arrived two days ago.

The construction process, expected to take between 10 to 15 days, has already commenced.

The maintenance of the Numaniyah Bridge experienced a three-month delay, attributed to an order requiring the installation of additional spare parts. During this period, an iron crossing bridge was erected in place of the navigational opening, allowing the bridge to be put back into use temporarily.

The company executing the project needs to close the bridge again to complete the work. This necessity led to the collaboration with military engineering to erect an alternative bridge, ensuring uninterrupted access for residents on the other side.