Boys and girls programming underway

Summer Scouts program teaches practical skills to kids in Wasit

WASIT, August 9 — A series of vocational workshops focusing on electrical work, car maintenance, and barbering started on Wednesday as part of the “Leisure Time Investment for Scout Groups” initiative in Wasit schools for the summer break.

The program is being conducted in collaboration with the Department of Labor and Vocational Training in Kut and the launch event was organized by the Scouts Education Division under the Sports and School Activities Department in Wasit.

Saif Al-Badri, the Division’s head, told 964: “The first phase of the program saw the participation of 30 students from intermediate and secondary schools, encompassing both the Scouts and Advanced Scouts stages, over the course of one week.”

“During the upcoming week, we will train four new stages, including Cubs and Brownies, involving elementary school students. This will be followed by Guides and Advanced Guides for high school and middle school girls.”

The program hopes to educate student Scouts about practical and household tasks through workshops and courses led by specialized trainers.

“We aim to break free from the cycle of routine and develop this program into a set of productive workshops and courses that will benefit students in Wasit governorate,” Al-Badri said.