Authorities intentions questioned

Restaurants in Basra closed for Health Violations and Unlicensed Meat

BASRA, January 17 – Health authorities in Basra closed over ten restaurants in the city center on Wednesday. The closures were due to violations of health conditions and the procurement of meat from unlicensed sources.

Majid Hameed, the Head of the Inspection Committee, detailed the actions taken: “We conduct periodic field inspections, and today there was an inspection that covered most of the restaurants in Basra. We found 10 restaurants buying meat from street vendors, whose meat is not subjected to veterinary examination committees and lacks hospital stamps. Around 50 kg of the meat was confiscated, and these restaurants were closed pending official decisions against them.”

A source from the Basra Police added insight into the collaborative efforts to ensure public health and safety: “A force from the Basra Police Directorate accompanied health patrols and closed several restaurants on orders from the veterinary hospital. Campaigns are ongoing to monitor unofficial meat supplies to Basra’s restaurants.”

The crackdown on health violations has led to the closure of several well-known restaurants in Basra, including Silwan’s Gus, Bait Al-Mandi Restaurant, Sanaa Yemeni Restaurant, Mr. Farouj Restaurant, Al Rawabi Shawarma Restaurant, Barbin Restaurant, Znoud Al-Sit Restaurant and Al-Khafaji Wings, H21 Restaurant, Shawarma Al-Baghdadi Restaurant, and Jbar Abu Al-Sharbat Restaurant.