At the Kurdish House in Davos

Iraqi foreign minister addresses recent developments in oil exports and regional relations

ERBIL, January 17 — Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein affirmed that the problems related to the Kurdistan Region’s oil exports are heading towards “radical solutions.” He revealed that Baghdad and Erbil have signed a new agreement on how to deal with this issue, emphasizing Iraq’s desire for dialogue with Iran away from missile logic. This comes after an Iraqi complaint in the Security Council that received Arab and international support.

Fuad Hussein in Davos:

“There were some issues between the governments of Erbil and Baghdad regarding oil exports, but two days ago, the two sides signed an agreement on how to deal with the oil issue. I believe and hope that we can resume the export of Kurdistan’s oil through the Ceyhan port soon.

We are trying to have strong relations with both Iran and the United States. The U.S. has significantly aided Iraq in the war against ISIS, and we appreciate their support. At the same time, we strive to maintain positive relationships with everyone.

The Arab countries condemned the recent Iranian attack, and we filed a complaint with the Security Council in New York. While we seek dialogue, Iran seems to prefer conflict, using missiles instead. There is a security agreement between Iraq and Iran, but Iran has not respected it, violating international law.

The ongoing tensions between the U.S. and Iran have a significant impact on us. It is in our interest that both parties reach an agreement. We have attempted dialogue and engagement to encourage discussions between Iran and other nations. If there is consensus between Iran and other countries, Iraq will benefit from increased security.

We are working to improve trade relations with Saudi Arabia and Jordan.”