Violations remain high, but lower than 2022

Advocacy group publishes annual report detailing violations against journalists in the Kurdistan Region

ERBIL, January 17 — The Metro Center for Journalists’ Rights and Advocacy has published data on attacks and obstacles faced by journalists in the Kurdistan Region, revealing that in 2023, a total of 249 violations targeted 247 journalists and media outlets.

The report indicates that journalists were prevented from reporting stories on 134 occasions, with 37 journalists detained without a court order.

Additionally, the center reported 38 cases of illegal seizure of journalists’ belongings, 27 cases of threats and assaults, five cases of arrests in breach of laws governing journalism work, four instances of cyber attacks, two instances of breaking journalists’ equipment, and two attacks on journalists’ homes.

Despite the released figures, the center reported an overall decrease in violations against journalists compared to 2022 when 431 violations were documented against 301 journalists.