Lottery system ensures fairness

Wasit officials distribute 3,000 land plots to ease housing market pressure

WASIT, August 9 — Officials in Wasit held an open lottery drawing on Tuesday to hand out 3,000 residential plots to citizens from across the governorate.

Mohammed Jameel Al-Mayahi, the Governor of Wasit, said to 964: “We have decided to distribute a new batch of residential land plots as part of the local government’s program to ease pressure on the real estate market and provide a decent living for the residents of the governorate.”

“With this distribution of 3,000 residential plots, we have reached a milestone of distributing approximately 30,000 plots of land across various districts and areas within the governorate. This batch includes 48 segments, encompassing all eligible categories for land application. This figure represents the highest number of segments covered since we assumed responsibility.”

“The distribution process was conducted through an open lottery system to ensure fairness and equality, eliminating any discrimination among segments. Names of eligible recipients were announced, and corresponding plot numbers were drawn for allocation.”

“The distribution covered three regions: Dahra in the north of Kut; Al-Hakim neighborhood to the east of the city; and the third slope to the south. This expansion has enabled the city’s growth in all directions.”