Statement on Iranian missile attack in Erbil

Kurdistan regional security council rejects “unfounded pretexts of IRGC”

ERBIL, January 16– The Kurdistan regional security council published a statement, refusing the claims of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) pretexts.

The text of the statement

On December 15, 2024, at 11:30 pm, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards launched a series of ballistic missiles at civilian areas in Erbil, resulting in four fatalities and six individuals sustaining injuries, with some in critical condition, according to initial reports.

Despite the Revolutionary Guards claiming the attack targeted positions of Iranian opposition groups, we categorically reject this unfounded justification. Regrettably, baseless pretexts have been consistently employed to assail Erbil, a stable region that has never posed a threat to any party.

This act represents a clear infringement on the sovereignty of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The federal government and the international community are urged not to remain silent in the face of this egregious violation.

Kurdistan Security Council:

Kurdistan Security Council: "Publishing fake news will not change the angry public opinion"