Schools exempt from opening on Sundays

Minister of education approves Saturday school for Christian institutions

BAGHDAD, January 15 — Iraqi Minister of Education Ibrahim Namis Al-Jubouri has approved a move to allow Christian schools to operate on Saturdays in lieu of holding classes on Sundays, the official start of the week for schools across Iraq.

Al-Jubouri said the decision was based on religious considerations to allow Iraqi Christians to participate in rites and prayer services on Sundays.

A statement from the ministry said:

In support of religious minorities, the Minister of Education has approved the operation of Christian religious schools on Saturdays, and exempted them from operating on Sundays. This decision is due to religious specificities related to staff, students, and learners in schools affiliated with the Syriac study for the Christian community. It provides them with the opportunity to participate in religious rituals and prayers.

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