Bridge spans the Tigris River

Al-Numaniyah bridge to reopen with temporary structure

WASIT, August 8 — The local administration in Wasit’s Al-Numaniyah district revealed the town’s bridge will soon open for vehicular traffic in the coming days after the installation of a temporary crossing.

Maintenance work on the bridge began on June 17 due to deterioration. Originally planned for a 20-day closure, the bridge’s temporary crossing sctructure for small and medium-sized vehicles was delayed for more than two months.

Mohammed Eidan, Mayor of Al-Numaniyah, spoke to 964:

The bridge will be open for vehicle passage at the end of this weekend after completing the temporary metal crossing, which will seal the portion currently undergoing renovation.

We have finished manufacturing five thick, iron cylinders, and we will manufacture five more in the next two days.

These cylinders will be connected to the bridge at the location of the navigational opening, which will be temporarily closed. This arrangement will temporarily facilitate vehicular movement on the bridge.

The original navigational opening will be worked on, involving the creation of a movable cover at a different location. Once prepared, the temporary crossing will be removed to install the new cover.

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