Al-Sudani stresses unity and reform in memorial speech

BAGHDAD, January 13 — Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani said on Saturday that the government has begun implementing its program to realise a unified and strong Iraq. He also affirmed that the government has worked to confront the waste of public funds.

This came during a speech he delivered in Baghdad on the annual memorial ceremony of the assassination of Mohammed Baqir Al-Hakim.


Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani attended a memorial ceremony on Saturday commemorating the martyrdom of the Grand Ayatollah, Sayyid Mohammed Baqir Al-Hakim.

Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani attended the memorial ceremony organized by the Wisdom National Movement this morning, Saturday, commemorating the martyrdom of the Grand Ayatollah, His Eminence Sayyid Mohammed Baqir Al-Hakim.

During the event, Mr. Al-Sudani delivered a speech describing the targeting of Sayyid Al-Hakim as a significant turning point in the confrontation between terrorism and the Iraqi people. He recalled the martyred leader and highlighted his role as a living school for the concepts of the nation, his struggle, and his jihad against dictatorship, and the terrorism inherited from it.

The key points from the speech of Prime Minister Al-Sudani:

  • We have worked to realize the goal for which the fighters sacrificed themselves, which is the Iraqi people.
  • We are determined to walk the path of reconstruction, reform, and improve the living and service levels for citizens across Iraq.
  • The blood of the martyrs is dedicated without distinction for the entire Iraq.
  • We honor the memory of the martyrs by maintaining the achieved security and stability, which would not have been possible without their sacrifices. These sacrifices require us to responsibly overcome the complex stage and the difficult circumstances the region is going through.
  • The experience of the fighters and martyrs taught us the importance of unity in the face of existential issues.
  • The government has begun implementing its program, envisioning a unified, strong, independent, stable, and flourishing future for Iraq.
  • We have adopted a path of fundamental reforms addressing long-term needs.
  • Our focus has been on combating public fund waste and prioritizing infrastructure in the economy, services, financial, and banking sectors, aiming for development and creating opportunities for current and future generations.
  • We remember the martyrs of the Palestinian people facing brutal killings by the occupying authorities, committing daily heinous crimes against innocent civilians.