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Al-Hakim calls for replicating Alliance experience in local governments

BAGHDAD, January 13 — Ammar al-Hakim, the leader of  Tayyar al-Hikma [National Wisdom Movement], called on Saturday for the “replication” of the experience of the State Administration Coalition, that includes those who formed the government, in forming local governments. This statement was made during the official commemoration of the “Iraqi Martyrs’ Day.”

He said:

On the first of Rajab, the “Iraqi Martyrs’ Day,” we gather once again under this grand theme to commemorate the twenty-first commemoration of the martyrdom of the Martyr of the Mihrab (pulpit).

The philosophy of state-building is based on achieving justice among citizens, and these values cannot be realized without the existence of a political process that represents all segments and components of the people.

Over the past twenty years, Iraqis have succeeded in achieving this representational diversity in political action.

Everyone aims to build a strong, influential, and capable Iraqi state, and there is unanimous agreement on that.

The State Administration Coalition was able to form al-Sudani’s government under difficult conditions and serious challenges.

Through its unity and agreement, the state administration successfully guided the government in achieving significant accomplishments in terms of political stability and driving the wheels of construction and development in the country.

I call for the replication of the State Administration Coalition’s experience in forming the federal government and activating it in the formation of local governments through mechanisms that align with the nature of those governorates.

While we reject attacks on diplomatic missions and anything that jeopardizes the country’s security, we categorically reject all attempts to undermine Iraqi sovereignty.

A decisive international and Arab stance must be taken to stop the bleeding of Palestinian blood and end the unjust war against them.